High Quality & Low Price
On October 25, 1987,
Hae Won Metals Co., Ltd. (HWC) was established
as a special industrial valve manufacturing company.

We specialized in production of stainless steel valves, starting with strainer and union and now producing ball valves, gate valves, swing check valves, globe valves, disc (pan) check valves and foot valves. Small caliber valve to big caliber valve, plant valves, etc. We are constantly developing new products and improving the quality.

In order to maintain the highest quality at all times, we will humbly collect the requirements and improvements of our customers and manufacture products that will give the best trust to our customers. We will improve our technology for safety and quality as our management philosophy. We will devote our best efforts to achieve the high quality & low price which is the requirement, and contribute to economic development as the best valve specializing company.

CEO 이철환